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Musical Doors is dedicated to enabling artistic and professional excellence while strengthening pathways to connect with and add value to the global music community. 

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This music school was set up to equip, empower and educate children and adults in music and performance skill building. Bespoke lessons are available in Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, and Music Theory.

Sudip Dhar

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Our Vision

Musical Doors school has been formed with a vision to spread quality music production. The aim is not only help students develop a life long appreciation for music but also to provide them musical knowledge and experience. This would enable them to achieve their musical aspirations. 

Our Mission

Apart from regular music classes we focus on regular concerts and mandatory theory lessons. Stress is given on that every students perform on regular basic on what they learn. We also focus that our students sit for international music exams which will pave the way to a well rounded music development of the students.

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